Sooo, I’m currently taking calculus I with one of the more difficult professors at my college and I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!! A calc class that’s not permitted to use calculators nor can we use scrap paper…torment at its finest. Nonetheless, I refuse to let this prerequisite class stop me from getting into a college of veterinary medicine! I will never use calculus in the veterinary profession…not as a vet tech (my current job position) nor as a veterinarian. However, it’s a required class to take beforehand; so I’m determined to work at it as much as I need to. I just want a good grade in the class and to never have to deal with this horrible, tormentous math ever again. The moral of this rant and the motivation for the rest of this exhausting semester is this: I may have calc, but it doesn’t have me!

#calculus #math #mathwrath #prerequisites

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